And The Bookings Begin

And The Bookings Begin

jackson hole lodging

Due to the popularity of Jackson Hole, and the limited amount of lodging offerings in the area, bookings at the Hideout sometimes happen up to a year in advance. This is usually the case with those who are also making plans to stay in one of the National Park lodges, cabins or campgrounds, with those coordinating their travels with family and friends, and with those traveling from outside the United States. Things really pick up, however, about 4-6 months out. Typically, by April, we have a good idea of what our summer is looking like. Rooms remain available, but given our small size, it means a specific room might no longer be available for specific nights.

So, what more do we want you to know about the Hideout…

  • We are a true B&B, with owners who are the innkeepers and on site every day, who have a permit from the County to operate as a B&B, who get inspected by the County like other commercial establishments that serve food and beverages, and who pay lodging taxes to the County as required
  • We have five guest rooms, require a two-night minimum stay, and encourage you to arrive for check-in between 4-7 PM
  • Our B&B has multiple levels, so you have to be comfortable with stairs to move about the home and the property
  • Our B&B sits at about 6,300 feet elevation, so taking it slow at first and drinking lots of water will help you adjust to the altitude
  • We experience lower humidity here, so the heat and cold may feel different from back home; layering is the key for the drier air, the winds and the temperature swings between night and day
  • It’s important to know the seasons … from our perspective
    • think of summer as between Memorial Day and Labor Day,
    • fall as September through mid-October
    • “off season” (when the National Parks have limited access and operations) as November, early December and April
    • winter as mid-December through March
    • spring as May
  • Summer is by far the busiest time for us, with July and August representing the height of visitors and activity, and with early June and late September offering great getaway opportunities

We hope to see you soon!